Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

Puzzle games remains an effective entertainment tool for the young ones in spite of the digital domains today’s world. They are a great learning tool for toddlers and young children as they learn many skills and improve mental development. Some of these skills include proper motor development, hand to eye coordination and cognitive skills.  Wooden puzzles encourage your child to learn while having fun at this early stages of development. However, when it comes to choosing the right wooden puzzles, it’s crucial to take notes of what type of puzzle will be suitable for your child:


The primary factor that determines a perfect puzzle is the age of the toddler. You need to be sure that what to get your kid is appropriate according to their age. This is possible by starting with the simplest wooden puzzles to unlock their thinking and then move to more challenging ones depending on the progression of the kid. This will give the kid more pleasure in learning while having fun.

Pieces in a Puzzle

The number of pieces that make up the puzzle is also another factor to consider. These pieces should consist of bright colors and exciting shapes to attract the kid. For example, if your kid is younger (below two years), one has to find fewer numbers of pieces. On the other hand, those above two years need puzzles with more numbers puzzle pieces.


The material used in the making of this wooden puzzle is essential. For example, for young toddlers, their body is very sensitive hence chemical treated wood is not good for them. Therefore, check the safety of the wood while buying. That will ensure that kid is safe. The quality of the wood is also a crucial factor. Get the best quality wood if you want to get value for money.


Consider how complex these puzzles are going to be, depending on the age of your kid. It is important to look for the right level your kid can handle before making the decision to buy one. If the more tough wooden puzzles for toddlers are introduced to the kid, they can be bored. That will make difficult for them to gain the expected benefits. The complexity should progress with age, as the kid gets older the more challenges you can provide to enhance learning. There are four things that you need to check.

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