5 Basic Tips for Kids to Assemble Jigsaw Puzzles

5 Basic Tips for Kids to Assemble Jigsaw Puzzles

Assembling jigsaw puzzle correctly is one of the critical skills that kids should learn if they are to get better with solving puzzles. Fortunately, they are not difficult, and some kids are able to develop their own of solving the jigsaw puzzle. However, there are tips that can help them learn faster and get better within the shortest time possible. Here are five basic tips for kids to assemble jigsaw puzzles:

Construct the Frame

Puzzles are just images that have been cut into pieces. Therefore, there are designed with edges, and more so, they make a frame at the edges. Therefore, among the key things that you need to teach the child is how to construct a frame. Teach them how to pick edge pieces and put them around the corners. That will make it easy for the kid to fill in the rest of the pieces.

 Use the Picture

In most cases, especially for toddler jigsaw puzzles, they are accompanied by a picture that has been cut. The aim of having such pictures is to help the kid understand what they are needed to do. Therefore, before they can start by solving the jigsaw puzzle, make sure that they have seen the picture. If they are struggling, they should have the picture in front of them. That will help them coordinate some hacks such as color distribution and other fine details critical to solving the puzzles.

Using Colors

Another tip to playing jigsaw puzzle is playing around with color. The kid can easily get crucial tips by observing the color patterns of the puzzle. If the puzzles is a breakdown of an image that includes waters or sky, then they should work on the colors in that region. If it’s a certain color that is expansive on the board, then they should be taught how to utilize such tips.

The shape of the Piece

Jigsaw puzzle puzzles pieces are made fit where they were cut from. Therefore, the shape of the pieces is an important factor to consider. The trick is to tabs and blanks that fit together. By just checking how the repeat is taking place, it will be easy for the kid to develop a pattern that will speed the assembly.

Using Colored Sections

From the provided picture, the jigsaw puzzle can be broken down into sections concerning color. Teach the kid how to work in individual sections and lastly, fill in the gaps. That’s a quick way to solve a jigsaw puzzle.

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