Personalized Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

Personalized Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers


Puzzles play an important role in the child’s effective growth. One of the common types of these puzzles are the personalized wooden puzzles for toddlers. They usually bear the name of a child or an individual where a kid has to arrange them in a specific order. Customized puzzles normally come in different sizes and at times incorporate different colors. They are good for toddlers since solving them requires basic skills that they can manage.


The use of puzzles dates back to 1960s when people started noting its importance in children lives. Since then companies manufacture different puzzles to suit the kid’s puzzle solving prevalence. This includes the jigsaw puzzles, wooden knob puzzles and the personalized wooden puzzles for toddlers. Children usually get excited when they see their name on the puzzle and they feel treasured. As they will love playing along with it and this will enable them to grasp their name with ease.


Importance of personalized puzzles over other puzzles


  • Learning with fun- when kids play personalized puzzles, they get to know different letters and how they can write down. By arranging them and reading it out, they also develop learning skills. Personalized puzzles are therefore recommended for toddlers to prepare them with learning skills essential for their education life.
  • Learn vibrant colors- most customized puzzles have pieces made of different colors. Depending on the required names, kids have to choose different letters having different colors. This, therefore, enables them to know different colors that are essential for their early childhood development. The most common colors are yellow, green, red, purple and blue.
  • Encourages logic-the name of a person has a specific format and mostly have a meaning. When a kid solves the puzzles, it helps them to develop logic skills where they have to come up with a name that makes sense.
  • Enhances cognitive skills- when a kid solves a personalized puzzle, he or she develops fine motor skills, name spelling and letter recognition skills onto which they are important in child development.
  • Improves self-esteem- when kids see their names on the board, they feel treasured. This will, in turn, make them see themselves as important people in the family and society in general.
  • Large pieces- most personalized wooden puzzles for toddlers are made of large pieces that enable them to grasp with ease. The wooden material used is also lightweight.
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