What Makes A Good Preschool Wooden Puzzle

What Makes A Good Preschool Wooden Puzzle?

The question of what makes a good preschool wooden puzzles can be answered in various ways but depending on what you are looking for and the kid in question. It can either be answered from the parent’s point of view or the players/child’s point of view. Either way, there are various features that one would be looking for if they want to get a board that will work for their kid. One of the common factors that a parent should look out for includes the ease of use and quality of the board. In addition to that, there are other factors that one should look for while buying preschool wooden puzzles. Check the following:

Easy Clean-up

One thing that we all know is that preschool wooden puzzles can be messy especially while dealing with relatively small kids at the bottom levels. Once the pieces are all over the board, it can start falling all over the flow and storing them can be a big problem. That is the reason why you need to buy something that can be a little easy to clean up. The best option that you can get is the puzzle that has all the pieces enclosed. That will help to eliminate a messy clean-up.

Suitable for Both Girls and Boys

Another major factor that you should check is the gender sensitivity of the preschool wooden puzzles. There are puzzles which are design for boys while other designed for girls. But there are also other types of puzzles which are not gender sensitive. There are numerous benefits that come with such kind of puzzles such as versatility in the application in that all kids can use them.


The safety of the kid is important crucial when it comes to preschool wooden puzzles. It does not matter the quality that puzzles come with, the safety of the kid should not be compromised. The key features that you need to check how the edges of the board have been curved. Smooth and rounded edges are highly recommended since they cannot hurt the child even if they fall. The quality of the colors that have used for painting the board should also be healthy for the kid. Avoid leaded paints.

East Storage

Last but not the least is the easy storage of the board. The preschool wooden puzzles should be designed for easy storage. There are various designs in the market but foldable varieties since they offer incredible storage properties.


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